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In 1950, Humanic starts manufacturing ski boots. Fifteen years later, the first ski boots with buckles are launched.

Our mission is to equip dedicated mountaineers with innovative, high-quality products for unforgettable experiences outdoors. We are also aware however that we have a huge responsibility not only in terms of our product, but also with respect to nature and the sustainable development of mountain sports and, in the end, also with respect to humankind. As an owner-operated family business, the social components are of paramount importance to us as are people.


On the one hand, our attention is focused on the people who manufacture our products. Various measures have been implemented in recent years to protect these people and to improve their working conditions and standards. On the other hand, we feel beholden to our customers to offer high-quality as well as completely environmentally friendly products and equipment. Along the way, cooperations with experienced partners such as bluesign® technologies or the Fair Wear Foundation are vital. We are always conscious of the fact we are only at the start of a long journey, and countless steps are still necessary to completely fulfill our obligation to humankind and nature.

The majority of our products are produced in Europe. The map illustrates where and what percent thereof:

DYNAFIT sets the standard in competitive ski mountaineering with the new D.y.N.A. racing boot in 2009, winning an ISPO award. In the same year, the DYNAFIT Team is forced to turn back just 20 meters from the summit of the 8,047-meter Broad Peak. Our dear friend, Christina Castagna, of the Italian SALEWA Team loses her life after a fall.

The new decade begins, and DYNAFIT extends its product range with two outstanding pieces: In 2010, the TLT 5 ski boot range sets a new benchmark in ski mountaineering, while the new Low Tech Race binding is the lightest on the market, weighing just 111 gm (3.9 ounces).

In 2014, DYNAFIT raises the bar once more with its partnership with sports product developer Pierre Gignoux. Their joint project consists of two masterpieces that once again are the lightest in the world: The RC 1 binding (75 gm) and the RC 1 ski running boot (500 gm), both of which break all barriers in performance on the ascent.

Projects we support

Fair Wear Foundation is a Multi-Stakeholder-Initiative, working to improve labour conditions in textile factories and has been partnering with the Oberalp Group for 10 years.


Every year, Fair Wear conducts a thorough assessment on how its member brands and rates them according to a set of indicators evaluating the improvements of the purchasing practices and the working conditions in the factories. Thanks to the efforts and results, the highest status “Leader” has been assigned to the Oberalp Group for six years. 


Since 6th February 2023, the Oberalp Group (with its brands Salewa, Dynafit, Wild Country, and LaMunt) have been part of Fair Wear’s pilot project that will provide the wider industry with guidance, learning modules, and access to tools to facilitate brands in their Human Rights Due Diligence. Together with nine other brands, the Group helps to develop this project that will support Fair Wear in guiding more brands in implementing HRDD in their supply chains and ensure that it is done meaningfully.

HRDD is at the very center of new and upcoming legislation that will push brands to better monitoring the supply chains, preventing, and remediating human rights violations, and taking responsibilities.

In addition to several other national human rights due diligence (HRDD) legislations currently in place, such as the German Supply chain law or the French Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme, also the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive is on its way.


As a pilot participant, the Oberalp Group plays a vital role in testing and evaluating the project’s viability, feasibility, and effectiveness before Fair Wear Foundation will roll it out on a larger scale. During this pilot year, there will be no annual Fair Wear Brand Performance Check (BPC) and Fair Wear is therefore not assigning a score or performance benchmarking category for 2022. “Participating in the Academy Pilot Project requires dedication and time”, Martine Riblan Social Compliance Specialist at Oberalp says. “Even if we have no BPC this year, we are naturally continuing to monitor our factories and to improve working conditions”.

Please find more information on the project on Fair Wear’s website, here.

We have supported the Snow Leopard Trust (SLT) since 2007: We are proud with this to be able to do our part for the protection of the snow leopard:


• 2007: Gear donation – jackets for herders
• 2008: Purchase of hand-made stuffed animals valued at € 1,200
• 2009: Sale at auction of the Erlös prototype ski for € 1,100 with proceeds going to the Snow Leopard Trust
• 2010: First Snow Leopard Day in Austria: 184,500 vertical meters achieved resulting in a donation of € 1,845.
• 2011: Snow Leopard Day International: € 3,000 collected and donated
• 2012: Snow Leopard Day International: € 4,000 collected and donated
• 2013: Snow Leopard Day International: € 7,000 collected and donated
• 2013: DYNAFIT nominates SLT for the European Outdoor Conservation Association EOCA - SLT earns a donation of € 11,000
• 2014: Snow Leopard Day International: € 9,000 collected and donated
• 2015: Snow Leopard Day International: € 9,000 collected and donated
• 2016: Snow Leopard Day International: € 8,000 collected and donated
• 2017: Snow Leopard Day International: € 9,600 collected and donated
• 2018: Snow Leopard Day International: € 11,000 collected and donated
• 2019: Snow Leopard Day International: € 16,042 collected and donated
• 2020: Snow Leopard Day International: € 20,953 collected and donated (new record: 2 mio. vertical meters) 
• 2021: Snow Leopard Day International: € 11,341 collected and donated (only with athletes due to Covid)
• 2022: Snow Leopard Day International & sales of Snow Leopard Day Limited Collection: € 32,000 collected and donated (50% to SLT, 50% to WWF)


We want to continue to support the Snow Leopard Trust in the future with various projects and donations in order to work together to prevent the extinction of this extraordinary animal.

The beginning

To DYNAFIT, the snow leopard is not only a brand symbol. Its characteristics and faculties are consistent with the values and characteristics of the company. Snow leopards possess an outstanding performance-to-weight relationship, are extraordinarily fast, and have phenomenal endurance. Its paws do not sink in or slip, be it on snow meters deep,  steep flanks, or high mountain peaks. To Dynafit, the snow leopard is the role model and symbol for all characteristics and faculties that ensure living and surviving on the mountain. All that makes it into a true exemplary standard for every mountain endurance athlete. Unfortunately, the snow leopard is now in danger of extinction. Thus, DYNAFIT has set the goal of helping the snow leopard.


So that this occurs professionally and sustainability, we support the non-profit organization, Snow Leopard Trust, founded in 1981 with headquarters in Seattle, Wash., USA. With donations, events and international media and public relations work, we do our part in protecting the snow leopard.Our most successful project in this regard is most certainly the “International Snow Leopard Day.” Since 2010, a ski touring test event takes place on the same day in the winter in various countries. Together, participants accumulate vertical meters for protection of the snow leopard. Each vertical meter achieved and tallied is transformed by DYNAFIT into one cent of donation.

Hard Work Pays Off

In April 2007, the North American Office opens in Boulder, Colo., USA, and the new ZZero boot line successfully launches. Despite a worldwide economic crisis, DYNAFIT achieves a 75% increase in sales the following year and opens a new subsidiary in Poland.

2014 is a year to celebrate: The Low Tech frameless binding system developed by Austrian inventor Fritz Barthel turns 30. There is no better gift than a steady demand for the product for 30 years, proving DYNAFIT ‘s remarkable competence in the binding segment.


Supply Chain

When it comes to bindings and ski touring boots, 100 percent of production occurs in Europe. Textiles are still in large part imported from Asia. However, we pay special attention here to compliance with international work standards. This occurs in cooperation with the Fair Wear Foundation, which as an independent entity monitors us while it is also available to assist in the improvement of processes.

Fair Wear Foundation

Snow Leopard Trust

DYNAFIT Becomes a Snow Leopard

Caritas and DYNAFIT

Speed Up!

DYNAFIT Goes Summer

Globally renown, Caritas runs global operations for emergency relief and social projects to offer aid to people in 160 countries. In Germany alone, more than 24,000 facilities and services are provided by Caritas. DYNAFIT is proud to have a partnership with Caritas since 1999.

DYNAFIT works together with Caritas on a unique project in its facilities in Donauhof, Pocking and Dreiflüsse in Germany. There, approximately 100 workers, both men and women, are involved in the production of ski tour bindings. As a thank you for the high-quality and reliable work, those working at the Pocking facility were invited to come out and test the bindings they make. It was an unforgettably amazing day for everyone.

CARBONIO - DYNAFIT again pushes the limits of ski touring

With the CARBONIO Line in 2016, DYNAFIT redefined the standard of the ski touring market. Complete solutions are demanded by the market - solutions which outfit the consumer from head to toe. With CARBONIO, DYNAFIT stepped into the race with the lightest, most innovative and most technically perfected ski touring collection in the industry. With the skillfully targeted use of carbon fiber, all possibilities are now open to ambitious backcountry skiers, from quick ascents to demanding downhills. The design also stands out from the crowd. The CARBONIO collection again demonstrates that DYNAFIT maintains the pioneering role in the ski touring market.

First Humanic shoe

Our Sustainability Approach

bluesign® system Partner

Since the 2011 summer season, DYNAFIT, along with Salewa, has been a bluesign® system Partner. The starting point for the bluesign® system is the start of the manufacturing process, and it offers a sustainable solution in textile production. Standards in production and work processes in textile finishing ensure environmentally sound and safe production. Along the way, however, our organization does not rely exclusively on international environmental standards. Rather, it conducts its own comprehensive risk analyses.bluesign® follows primarily five principals along the entire textile supply chain: resource productivity, air emission protections, occupational health and safety, water emission protections and consumer safety. Thus, bluesign® is a seal of approval for the protection of people and the environment. In 2017, 89% of DYNAFIT’s apparel products were made using either bluesign® or other externally certified materials. 

Fair Labor Conditions


made in europe

protection of humans and animals

Protection of humans and animals

Fair Labor Conditions


Made in Europe


Globally, 60% of textile products worldwide are at present based on synthetic fibers. We too use synthetic fabrics from partners such as Gore®, Polartec® or PrimaLoft®. These highly technical fabrics offer clear advantages for mountain sports athletes during intense physical activity: good body temperature regulation, moisture transport, and the ability to dry quickly. Nevertheless, synthetic fibers also have disadvantages since they consist of materials that are difficult to recycle. During mechanical stress, for example during laundry or wear, microfibers are released that are increasingly polluting the environment. This so-called “microplastic” ends up in wastewater in the sewer system and then downstream in the planet’s waters. There, they contribute to overall contamination.


What is Dynafit doing to prevent contamination by microfibers?


Dynafit is aware of this increasingly threatening global problem. Thus, we are not just observing, but are in fact proactively tackling this challenge. Together with other mountain sports brands we are a proud member of the Industry Microfiber Consortium by the European Outdoor Group (EOG). This industry group was founded in order to better understand the problem and together to investigate and to find concrete solutions.
Specifically, we are participating in two research projects since to date contamination from microfibers has not been sufficiently investigated. Led by the EOG’s Industry Microfiber Consortium, the primary goals are to evaluate how the fibers are released, how severe the level of contamination by microfibers in fact is, and which materials could be the primary perpetrators. Based on this, solutions should be able to be subsequently developed for the entire industry.
For anyone who would like to be actively involved, we heartily recommend the Guppyfriend Washing Bag. This first practical solution prevents microfibers released in the laundry from reaching our earth’s waters.

European Outdoor Group (EOG) - Industry Microfiber Consortium

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